Yeah we were okay but then the world just went crazy

As a Pakistani I don’t have dozens of cousins but hundreds of them. Many years ago my cousin showed me series of videos by “arrivals”. Now as a Pakistani it is in my genes to believe that there is always something happening behind the screens and smiles. I fell for them immediately. These videos showed me an alternate reality and I was so scared by the ugliness of it. Later on, my elder sister comforted me by saying that people say and do all sorts of things to gain attention. They just want to mess up with your head, don’t let them do it.

Her words assured me for the time being. The world appeared to be a better place with closed eyes.

The fun part of life in Pakistan is that it does not matter for how long you close your eyes, the whispers always reach your ears. Extraordinary things kept on happening in Pakistan. Everyone talked about politics, wars, agendas and the hidden truth, always the hidden truth. In my parent’s early morning talks the villain was simply one therefore fighting it was possible.

At that time I didn’t know that out of ordinary things were happening in a lot of other places and all of them were connected. It is like a science experiment, one step after another. Revolutions, refugees and rogue nations were everywhere and humanity was nowhere.

Villain is not one but everyone.

Today, we live in a world of consequences, probably result of every failed experiment. The ideologies failed, politicians failed, plans failed just our needs grew. I think the human civilization has fallen back to those early times and early rules. The one simple rule “survival of the fittest”.

Greed of few is so powerful and desire of escaping the reality of most is so strong that we have programmed ourselves to feel and not feel about events.

Is it possible to control the future of world like we control our minds?

Crazy things might happen in the most sensible places in the world.

Will we stay sensible at that time?

Or this craziness will penetrate inside us?

                                 Author’s Confession

I am not a believer of arrivals just in case you were thinking…….


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  1. Orvillewrong says:

    I applaud your attitude but we live in a world ruled by corruption!

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  2. It’s a thought provoking post. Nice one Dear.

    That’s the world we live in.

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    1. Thank you Vivien! I am so glad that you agree with it.

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  3. Revolutions, refugees and rogue nations were everywhere and humanity was nowhere. – I love this, this is so poetic.
    When so much happens, I guess we go numb… but we cannot. To live on land and as a member of society is to be responsible to both.

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    1. Thank you so much Sophia!
      Peace and love from this side.

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    1. First of all, congratulations! Thank you for making me part of this list. I never knew it was so easy to connect with people who you have not met in person.
      Undoubtedly, you are the coolest girl on WordPress and we need more girls like you.


    2. First of all congratulations for your hundred posts! We cannot wait to read hundred more from you.
      Thank you so much Sophia for mentioning me and coming up with most innovative tags of all time. I am inspired by girls like you who lift other girls. Gal the world needs many more like you.
      P.S: So I commented on this post a few days ago and today I notice that it wasn’t sent. Yeah silly me.


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