Dial “M” for Mystery

Thank you so much Sophia for nominating me for Mystery Blogger Award. I actually learn a lot from her and try to make improve my blog too. I don’t think I need to say it but do visit her blog. It is going to be worth it. Here is the link to her blog: sophiaismaa.wordpress.com The…

A happy date (on my calendar)

It is just good enough to have a mom and having sale on your favorite things because of your mom can truly bring happy tears.

Freely chained

In a moment I am as light as the smoke that comes out of a cigar. I knew it was the time to drop into depths of nothingness.

Five things I like about myself

My very favorite blogger Sophia Ismaa has nominated me for this tag called five things I like about myself. Sophia, the idea behind this tag is lovely and thank you so much for nominating me. So the rules are Thank the nominator Display the picture in the post List 5 things you like about yourself…