The Mango People

Mango is the fruit in Pakistan from which the tale of love, mystery and tradition begins.

The first time I disappointed my mother was when I told her that I don’t like mangoes. She was heartbroken. As a daughter of an engineer turned farmer her love for mangoes is deep. It is not just my mum. Generally if I tell anyone in Pakistan that I am not very fond of mangoes they are always taken by surprise. I feel that it was for people like me that Mirza Ghalib a very famous Urdu poet once said that “only donkeys don’t eat mangoes”. So only a fool cannot appreciate something as delightful as mangoes.

Mangoes are the only thing which makes people excited about summers. When you can smell ripening mangoes in air and burn in scorching sun outside it means summers are here. The funny thing is that we eat mangoes with rice but this only happens in the part of Pakistan I live. It is rather considered as a delicacy. But according to my mum nothing goes better with a mango than a mango itself.

The truth is that a good mango always tastes good. The problem is that it is not easy to devour one. We Pakistanis eat it like it’s a piece of art. When I try to do the same (try to eat it without folk) I look like an idiot. Its juice drops on my clothes so generally I prefer eating fruits which do not involve cutting them which makes berries my favorite.

Just the way it is not easy to devour mango it is also not easy to afford Mango. I am referring to a fashion brand called Mango. It is on my wish list this summers. I just hope I get lucky with Mangoes this year.

Frankly, if I could only use one phrase to describe people of Pakistan I would use the phrase “The mango people”.  We are a nation which grows one of the best mangoes in the world and love them in the best way possible.



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  1. neelstoria says:

    While my parents also have their own sentiments about mangoes – the king of fruits, I am a terrible mango buyer and always land up with mangoes that taste really bad.

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    1. Mango shopping is very complicated since it has too many kinds. It is not your fault.

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  2. 🙂 Mangoes are also popular here in the Caribbean. They are available throughout the year.

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  3. Andrea says:

    Oh man, this is like being from the Balkan and saying you don’t like Baklava!
    It’s not my personal favorite desert and that seems to be a deadly sin 😉

    But I didn’t know it was a Pakistani fruit!

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    1. Yes Pakistan is one of the leading exporter of mangoes in world.
      Funnily, Baklava is my favorite desert. But it is okay to not be a fan of it. Sometimes it is too sweet.

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  4. tshawwriter says:

    I love love love mangos. My husband, on the other hand, loves the flavor, but he hates the texture. So, he doesn’t eat the whole fruit. But he loves them in smoothies or mango flavored ice cream. It cracks me up.

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    1. Actually, mangoes texture varies a lot according to its family. A mango smoothie or ice cream never goes wrong. It has a tang in it which balances the sweetness of deserts.

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      1. tshawwriter says:

        Wow! I didn’t know that there were different families. Maybe I can find one he’ll like. 😂😉

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      2. There are a lot of kinds of mangoes just like people.

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  5. Orvillewrong says:

    Its not a crime to dislike something, taste is a very personal thing like they say one mans meat is another mans poison its all subjective!

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  6. Orvillewrong says:

    As always a pleasure!

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  7. Sophia Ismaa says:

    Bengalis love mangos too. My mum loves her mango lassi! We treat it like a delicacy, it’s really popular amongst us. I do once in a while have mango with rice and single cream once in a while in Ramadan. Didn’t have one this year though. It is really delicious. And don’t forget mango chutney…. ah my mouth is watering.

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    1. Mango and Ramadan are a great combination. Oh mango chutney is divine.

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  8. Just_Me :) says:

    Hi! I hope you’re having a great time! I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

    Have a great day! 🙂


    1. Hi! Thank you so much for nominating me.
      I hope you enjoy your weekend🙂

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      1. Just_Me :) says:

        It’s my pleasure! Hope you do, too! 😊

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