The night of Moon and celebrations

I am sure a lot of you know about Eid. At the end of holy month of Ramadan (which teaches Muslims patience, gratitude and being responsible towards their communities) Eid is celebrated. It is joyful occasion in which Muslims all around the world thank God for the gift of Ramadan.158262372

Eid is always fun but there is one night which is even more fun than the Eid day to me. It is called the “Chand raat” (the night of moon). In old times, when the world didn’t have calendars Muslims saw the moon as a sign of completion of Ramadan. In those days Muslims followed moon calendar. Nowadays, we do have the technology but Pakistan is a traditional country. So at the end of Ramadan all people go to their rooftops and wait for the moon to show up. When the moon is sighted, the party is started.

Almost every living person comes out of their homes. You can smell henna, deserts and excitement in the air.19554566_837559443069207_6661686412739831271_n

It is a crazy day for shopping. People barge into stores like its black Friday only without any sale.


For me Eid means henna. If you take a walk in any street of Pakistan you will see professional henna artist sitting in streets and lines full of women waiting for their turn to come up.

I have always been very conscious of how color of my henna turns up. I believe in darker the better. In this place women love being the one with red hands.

Of course, bangles are compulsory.Bangles_Ornaments

I still have to decide my Eid dress and I am a little confused. I hope I come up with a decision by morning. I love dark colors but weather is hot so I think I might have to go with something light and airy.


The whole concept of Ramadan is about helping the less fortunate. I hope that on this Eid all of us are a little kinder, a little more helpful and share a little more to show that we care a lot more.


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  1. Happy Eid to you. I hope you had great fun. Which dress did you end up with?

    Your book is on its way and should be with you within a week.

    Ha e a fun-filled werkend😄

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    1. Thank you so much Vivien. Well I went with a grey dress at the end.
      I am very excited about that special gift my friend.
      I wish you a very joyful life ahead. Stay blessed!

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      1. Thank you 😊

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  2. Orvillewrong says:

    Have a wonderful celebration, a joyful eid to you!

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    1. Thank you so much!
      On this Eid I wish you a very happy and prosperous life with your family.

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  3. Hope you had a lovely Eid and that Ramadan went well for you. 🤗
    I had no idea that Pakistan followed the traditional sighting of the moon, that’s such a lovely idea, it seems a little more united, you must have enjoyed that. In Shaa Allah one day I will get to do that too. ✨
    Beautiful images btw.

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    1. Thank you so much Sophia! I hope you enjoyed your Eid too.
      Yes in Pakistan we do the moon sighting but moulanas as always have their reservations. Somehow most of Pakistanis get united. Thank you for your lovely comments but I took all these pictures from google except one.
      I hope photographers of these pictures won’t mind.

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      1. Wow, that’s really interesting that Moulanas have reservations. I wonder why that is. :/ I’m confused, was this not how it was done during the Prophet’s (SAWS) time?
        I’m sure they won’t, for me I like to give credit just in case they find my post and are unhappy with it but yeah, I get it, sometimes it can ruin the aesthetics of a post.

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      2. It is done in the same way as in time of Prophet (SAWS) time but Moulanas are tricky people.
        I didn’t exactly find the name of Photographers but next time I will try to be more careful.

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  4. A beautiful post, thank you…

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